The Real Is Imperfect And The Unreal Is Digital

           The Real Is Imperfect And The Unreal Is Digital


Irving Torres Piedras

is a photographer, videographer and artist based in Calgary, Canada specializing in portraits, editorial and landscapes. Irving's comprehensive use of light and composition sets his work apart, delivering high-quality, expertly-captured images and videos. 

After many years as a freelance artist, Irving recently opened the doors to his own studio, creating a space to collaborate with local businesses, launch his passion project "CAPTIVATE" magazine and continue to expand his work professionally with a wide variety of clientele. 

Dedicated to personalizing, understanding and delivering on the unique needs of each photoshoot, Irving is committed to bringing the vision of his clients to life. 


Editorial & Features

  • Alberta Ballet Canada, American Express, Adesso Accessories, jwn Trusted energy intelligence 2016  

  • Men's Culture Magazine 2016

  • CAPTIVATE Magazine 2016, Founder & Owner 

  • My Rode Reel 2014, Black As Midnight, Short Film 

  • UMM Magazine 2013

  • Studio Coalition 2012

  • And What Do You Think 2008, Roche Laboratories & Olympus, Award Photography Contest