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            The Real Is Imperfect And The Unreal Is Digital

           The Real Is Imperfect And The Unreal Is Digital


Irving Torres Piedras

Irving is a photographer, videographer and artist based in Calgary, Canada. Specializing in portrait photography, editorial, corporate and business photography, commercial and product photography. Irving's comprehensive use of light and composition sets his work apart, delivering high-quality, expertly-captured images and videos. 

After many years as a freelance artist, Irving recently opened the doors to his own studio, creating a space to collaborate with local businesses, launch his passion project "CAPTIVATE" magazine and continue to expand his work professionally with a wide variety of clientele. 

Dedicated to personalizing, understanding and delivering on the unique needs of each photoshoot, Irving is committed to bringing the vision of his clients to life. 


Editorial & Features

  • Alberta Ballet Canada, American Express, Adesso Accessories, jwn Trusted energy intelligence 2016  

  • Men's Culture Magazine 2016

  • CAPTIVATE Magazine 2016, Founder & Owner 

  • My Rode Reel 2014, Black As Midnight, Short Film 

  • UMM Magazine 2013

  • Studio Coalition 2012

  • And What Do You Think 2008, Roche Laboratories & Olympus, Award Photography Contest